Tamaro Night Sky open since July 2020

The Camping Tamaro Resort 5* offers guests the chance to spend the night in a unique and special cube right next to the lake where the sky is the only limit. Tamaro Night Sky is a special residential module designed specifically to be your own personal observatory where you can gaze at the starry heavens over the mountains encircling Lake Maggiore.

  • 4 beds, all with a view
  • 1 double bed in the form of a high-sleeper (attic)
  • 2 beds built into the "bow window" on each side

The module clad in a technological PVC double membrane is temperature-controlled (cold/warm) and has blackout curtains available on all windows. To the front there is a covered terrace with garden furniture for the sole use of the guests in the cube To the rear there is a wood store for the brazier. Access to the communal sanitary facilities on the campsite.

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