Camping Tamaro Resort is great for everyone

Families with children

Under 5s always stay free at the Camping Tamaro Resort - no matter whether you are hiring a pitch or staying in a caravan.

“Families are very welcome at this campsite. The facilities and activities are particularly suitable for children.” This is the tribute Lago Maggiore Turismo paid to the Camping Tamaro Resort in 2017.

Couples and mature holidaymakers

Camping holidays are pure pleasure for couple more mature holidaymakers, especially when they are enjoyed outside of the school holidays, when it is quieter and they can really enjoy the surroundings and this beautiful spot right by the shores of Lake Maggiore. Because it is at these times of the year, in spring and autumn, when the landscape looks most breathtaking. A dreamy setting for a holiday for two!

Regular guests love going camping because they can spend time with friends and make new ones.

Are you looking for some nice cycling and hiking trails? If it sounds like too much hard work, you can always hire e-bikes directly from us at reception or plan spontaneous trips to Bellinzona by bus or hop on the boat and bus to Locarno, Ascona (see bus and boat offers). The Verzasca and Maggia valleys are not only among the most popular destinations for excursions, they also are home to some of the best culinary venues.

People with Special Needs

Our campsite is also fully accessible for people with special needs. They are able to autonomously access the entire campsite during the day and night, as well as access all the facilities, especially the bathroom block that has been specially designed and reserved solely for use by guests with disabilities. The hard floors make it possible for people in wheelchairs to move around independently and join in the games.

Camping as an organised recreational activity for people with special needs has shaped the history of camping both in Europe and the USA from a very early stage. In 1966, a nurse wrote a detailed report in a trade journal about about a camping programme she had organised and led (camp nursing), describing their memorable experiences and her personal impressions. The joint recreational activities the disabled campers took part in in close contact with nature, revealed more what they were capable of doing than what they were not.

If you are planning a stay at Camping Tamaro Resort and have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.


The Camping Tamaro Resort is a wheelchair-friendly site in accordance with

Sports enthusiasts/Cyclists

We are in the perfect location for cyclists as our surrounding area is filled with great cycle trails of varying difficulty. It doesn’t always have to be off-road routes or steep climbs. Maybe you’ve heard of the Piano di Magadinowith its internationally renowned open space and productive landscape between Bellinzona and Locarno.

The route starts in the centre of Locarno and runs down to the lakeside promenade where lots of different types of cactus, exotic plants and flowers grow. The Via alla Rivacycle trail runs alongside the lake. There are lovely small beaches where you can stop to take a welcome break and even go for a swim (see the 360° panoramic images: on the quay to Locarno, Muralto, Piazza Grande). There are lots of great sights to take in on this route.

Bolle di Magadinois the actual nature reserve on the Magadino plain, home to many ecosystems not found anywhere else in Switzerland. You can also take another route out of Tenero that leads past the Coop shopping centre, before bending to the left and passing the new bridge that spans the Verzasca river. Once you cross this bridge, there is a right turn that leads back to the original cycle route. This continues to runs through the Magadino plain, which with its fields, wineries, farms and “agritourism” is a perfect opportunity to stop and try the local specialities. When you reach the Gudo bridge, the cycle route then continues towards Bellinzon; you will soon reach the so-called “laghetto osservatorio”, which is recommended by the WWF as being an exceptionally

Sun Worshippers

Welcome to Ticino on the shores of Lake Maggiore (see the  360°panoramic image: right next to Lake Maggiore). A place where you can soak up 2,300 hours of sunshine every year.

Keen Ramblers

Keen ramblers who go camping are often like migratory birds. Guests at Camping Tamaro Resort are no exception to this pattern.  

Our region is filled with great hiking trails of all levels of difficulty: Piano di Magadino (Magadino Plain), Cardada, Cardada-Cimetta, Monte Tamaro, Monte Lema, Salvatore, Vogorno, Verzascatal, Maggia Valley. We are always more than happy to share the secrets of our region with you.


Some motorcyclists like to explore new routes, others prefer retracing the classic trails through the Swiss Alps.

The road over the St Gotthard Pass connects Andermatt in the Canton of Uri with Airolo in the Canton of Ticino. Both the north and south ramps were partially re-routed between 1956 and 1977, but the old pass road can still be crossed. The old cobbled road leading through the Tremola Gorge, is an absolute must for motorcyclists because the route is nothing short of spectacular. Another popular circuit is the three-pass ride over the Gotthard, Furka and Nufenen Pass.

Before continuing on your journey, it is worth taking a break at Lake Maggiore.
Ticino has countless winding routes to choose from in the diverse and exciting landscape of its valleys, especially in the neighbouring Verzasca Valley and the Maggia Valley.

Annual Resident

Some of the annual residents at Camping Tamaro Resort treat the campsite like their second home. This is especially true for annual residents who do not only come regularly and frequently to Ticino, but usually remain a guest of this campsite for well over ten years.

The campsite has a total  of around 100 pitches for long-term hire. These pitches are rented from 1.1. to 31.12. However, guest can only stay on the campsite when it is open, i.e. usually from March to October.


Camping Tamaro Resort is a popular destination for school classes  in the spring and autumn seasons. Our team discusses and organises the stay in detail with the teachers and the persons responsible.

Camping excursions among primary and secondary school children have enjoyed a long tradition in both Europe and the USA. The skills learned through group life in nature have been recognised as extremely valuable as early as 1861. Recreational activities on the camping trip offer students countless learning opportunities and they are always highly motivated:

1. Raise awareness of the importance of good health (first aid and looking after one's own health are part of virtually every camping trip); 2. Plan, cook, eat balanced menus; 3. Working as part of a team (making fires, preparing meals, setting up tents, cleaning, tidying up, etc.); 4. Learn to take care of equipment and use it with respect; 5. Draw a map and follow it; 6. Take into account and respect the interests and needs of other people in a relatively confined space; 7. Develop meaningful and lasting friendships; 8. Observe animals and nature up front; 9. Get used to interacting with others; 10. Appreciate and enjoy the "simple" life; 11. Learn skills that are essential for camping holidays; 12. Erfahren und erleben, wie man im Kontakt zur Natur ist; 13. Talk about thoughts, ideas, problems and wishes; 14. Learn to solve problems together; 15. Develop courage in the face of difficulties; 16. Enjoy fun and adventure; 17. Develop a sense of responsibility and learn what to do in emergencies; 18. Become a reliable individual.


When teenagers come to Camping Tamaro Resort on holiday with their family, they can enjoy freedom, independence, autonomy, because they are allowed to move freely within the campsite at any time. The entertainment on offer at the campsite gives them the opportunity to get together and experience all kinds of activities and sports together.

Camping Tamaro Resort is close to youth-friendly facilities offering sports, recreation, entertainment and discos.