New Website

We are pleased to announce that the Camping Tamaro Resort website is now up and running. It has been a Herculean task that took several months to complete with the help of many people, from computer programmers to graphic designers, from countless photographers to communication and social media experts, from linguists to translators.

The new booking system was developed specially for the Camping Tamaro Resort and this was a critical and very tricky part of the process. We would like to thank everybody who took part in this process in helping to carry out the necessary and proper tests.

Karin Zanolini, Director, oversaw the coordination and planning of the entire project, acting as the mediator between the various contributors and monitoring its development down to the very last detail. Take a look at the 360-degree panoramic views of the campsite under the “Tours” section and you will be able to see the Camping Tamaro Resort in all its glory!

Have fun surfing the pages and see you soon!