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Hiking & Cycling

Hiking & Cycling


Ticino has a 3,000-kilometre network of well signposted and beautifully maintained hiking trails. If you like, you can hike up the mountains on the Great Walser Trail and explore ancient culture or stroll through meadows and forests around Lugano on Hermann Hesse’s favourite route.The Nobel laureate in literature once said that “when we walk we do not search for the goal, but simply enjoy the pleasure of walking, being on the move”. Where else would Hesse have been inspired to have such thoughts if not in his adopted home of Ticino?


In a magical, diverse setting filled with breathtaking scenery, a mild, moderate climate, flat routes or climbs with over 20% inclines, 2,300 hours of sunshine every year, you can plan your at times sweaty but always extremely gratifying trips out on the saddle of your bicycle. You can pedal where you please in this vast and varied landscape: by the lake shore, along the rivers, up the valleys. If you cycle for fun, love mountain biking or are a professional cyclist, you are sure to find the perfect conditions here to suit you!